Welcome to Law Offices of David Saffold, LLC. I am David R. Saffold, Esq., founder and principal. I have been helping clients procure asylum, green cards and citizenship/naturalization for over sixteen years. I am in the business of helping individuals immigrate to U.S. and/or get visas to the U.S. , in order that they can profit from the opportunities that America has to offer.

Innovative Immigration Solutions Worldwide….

Law Offices of David Saffold is a DC-based law firm specializing in innovative immigration solutions for clients from around the world. We have served clients from Ethiopia, Eritrea, Cameroon, Benin, Nigeria,  Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq,  Libya, Iran, Jordan, Yemen, India, Pakistan, Iran,  Egypt, Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi, Sudan, Ghana, Somalia, Sierra Leone, Angola, Congo, DRC, CAR, Kenya, Mali, Malawi, Niger, Gabon, Mauritania, Libya, Liberia, Senegal, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Togo, Cote d’ Ivoire, Burkina Faso, Trinidad and Tobago, Ukraine, Serbia, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Latvia, Slovakia, Russia, Venezuela, Brazil, Cuba,  Columbia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, Chile, Bolivia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Israel, Bhutan, Tibet, China, United Kingdom, France, Germany and Canada. And the list keeps growing. We are based on K Street in downtown Washington, DC at Farragut Square, two blocks from the White House.

♦ Successfully helped hundreds of torture survivors get asylum in the U.S., putting them in position to apply for “Green cards”

♦ 98% success rate with cases litigated before the U.S. DOJ “Immigration Courts”

♦ Helped hundreds of people get “Green cards” and eventually U.S. citizenship through asylum, family and cancellation of removal

♦ Brought hundreds of family members from abroad to join their family members here in the U.S.

♦ Successfully concluded more than nine hundred humanitarian immigration cases



Contact us today to make an appointment to discuss the possible opportunities open to you  and your family.

See a full list of the services that we offer on the Services page or use drop-down menu.

Nothing contained on this website should or can be relied upon as legal advice and does not create any contractual relationship between you, the reader and Law Offices of David Saffold, LLC.
Law Offices of David Saffold, LLC, Copyright 2023.

One thought on “Law Offices of David Saffold, LLC

  1. My name is Meron. If I would recommend one lawyer that knows what he is doing it is definitely Mr. David. He takes his time to do what needs to be done and he helps till the end no matter how much years your case takes. I am a proof to that, and I am happy that I was recommended to him. Thank you, Mr. David, for your awesome service and my daughter and I cannot thank you enough.

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