Law Offices of David Saffold, LLC has hired the highest quality team to help build and support your case. Our team runs a “tight ship” in order to keep cases moving toward their ultimate goals and prices as low as possible.

Our attorneys are some of the most well-respected, successful immigration lawyers in the country. Together we have a combined success rate of 98% at the “Immigration Courts.”

Our paralegal and in-house Amharic interpreter, Yadesdes has his LLM from American University and has worked as an advocate for immigrant rights for many years.

In order to communicate with our wide range of clients from around the world, we contract with the very highest quality interpretation and translation services in the DC metro area and across the country. When people need to communicate with our office and when we need to communicate with the U.S. government, we have language services available for hundreds of languages. We also have a personal interpreter for face-to-face Amharic interpretation.

We also rely on the professional services of medical doctors, psychologists and social workers for forensics, post-traumatic stress disorders and legal competency evaluations.

We believe in giving back to the community and thus have paid fellows and unpaid interns from DC area law schools, including students and recent graduates from Georgetown, Washington College of Law, Howard University and University of Baltimore.

Finally, clients will also find our office receptionists Anthony, Desiree and Faith are multi-lingual and helpful emissaries to our office.

Law Offices of David Saffold are in the business of helping individuals and businesses profit from the rich opportunities that America has to offer. Contact us today to make an appointment to discuss the possible opportunities open to you, your enterprises and your family.

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